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Roto NX
Always the right decision

The new Tilt&Turn hardware system

Roto Berater erklärt Roto NX

The number 1

Now even better

As the inventor of the first industrially produced Tilt&Turn hardware system, Roto recognised what the window market requires above all, and is now the global market leader with approximately half a billion Turn-Only / Tilt&Turn sets sold. We are now taking the next step with Roto NX and are offering a new Tilt&Turn hardware system, based on the proven Roto NT, with new features and functions. With this system, Roto is setting new standards of efficiency, security, comfort and design.

Haus mit Roto NX Fenstern

New performance, new possibilities

Topics such as Smart Home, comfort, sustainability and burglary protection are preoccupying the sector. This is why we have decisively improved our Tilt&Turn hardware by numerous further developments. These include innovations such as our TiltSafe windows with burglary inhibition in tilt mode in accordance with RC 2. In addition, Roto NX now makes it possible to cater to the trend for ever larger glass surfaces, for example. And there are tangible advantages for all fabricators, such as minimum production and installation effort, as well as cost savings.

Maximum protection and excellent durability thanks to the further developed Roto Sil Level 6 surface.

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Hinge side T

Highlight: Hinge side T

Achieve a better room climate and design reliably and economically. Roto is offering the perfect solution for timber windows too with the hinge side T. It stands out as a result of simple installation and is even suitable for large windows and balcony doors. The integrated night ventilation improves the room climate without compromising on safety and security.

Bandseite in Kippstellung

Highlight: hinge side P

A high level of efficiency with a contemporary design: the hinge side P for PVC windows. The standardised screw pattern makes adjustment even simpler. The intuitive operation and the added security provided by efficient components are impressive during use – a sash weight of 130 kg is no problem, even in the standard version. This makes large, contemporary windows possible, while the colour selection and the attractive appearance of the stay bearing from all angles complete the harmonious overall impression.

Roto NX Kippstellung TiltSafe

Highlight: TiltSafe window

Ventilate without worrying and sleep more easily: Roto NX is putting an end to risky security gaps associated with tilted windows. The pioneering TiltSafe window from Roto with burglary inhibition in tilt mode in accordance with RC 2 makes it possible – as a conventional, manually operated variant as well as an electrically controlled design (RC 2 certification in the pipeline) in conjunction with the Roto E-Tec Drive drive unit.


Surface structure of a connection element

  • Optical seal
  • Chromium VI-free passivation
  • Corrosion protection system
  • with microcrystalline structure

Highlight: Roto Sil Level 6 surface

Further developed surface for maximum protection: a special microcrystalline structure makes the new Roto Sil Level 6 coating incredibly tough and therefore particularly durable. It protects connection and sliding elements under extreme stress against corrosion and wear, therefore enabling reliable functionality. And because even sensitive components are provided with lasting protection for the first time, the entire Tilt&Turn hardware system even exceeds the requirements of the highest corrosion protection class (class 5). This pays off in multiple ways when it comes to efficiency, security and comfort.

Always the right decision.

  • Efficiency
  • Design
  • Security
  • Comfort


Roto NX stands for a high level of efficiency. The system guarantees simple and fast assembly during production and installation and reduces the storage and logistics expenditure. This saves time and money. In addition, Roto NX ensures a high product quality and long-term functionality. This all makes Roto a reliable partner – now and in the future.


Roto NX stands for contemporary design and ensures an attractive appearance from all angles, for example due to elegant cover caps, sophisticated powder coatings and concealed screws on the hinge side. In addition, the system allows a modern room design with large glass surfaces thanks to its high loads.


Roto NX stands for a high level of security. The new TiltSafe components offer advanced burglary protection – now even in tilt mode (burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2). Working with the hardware itself is also becoming safer and permits higher loads even in the standard version, for example. The product quality and the breadth and depth of the range additionally ensure maximum reliability and decision making certainty.


Roto NX stands for increased comfort. The system impresses with a high level of operating convenience, simple handling and ideal functionality. Roto NX also improves the living comfort – for example by optimised ventilation properties for a balanced room climate or through incorporation into the home automation.

Something to be proud of
The most important innovations at a glance

Bandseite P
Tilt-Safe Fenster
Mechanischer Balkontürschnäpper

Hinge side P for PVC windows with integrated night ventilation

Many advantages and heavy weights: the new Roto NX stay bearings and pivot rests for PVC windows support sash weights of up to 130 kg even in the standard version. Considerably fewer screws are required for installation than before. In addition, a hinge side for 150 kg is available. The new titanium colour expands the range of attractive surfaces.

Hinge side T for timber windows with integrated night ventilation

Roto offers the perfect solution for working with timber windows, too: the new hinge side T for timber windows is designed for a sash weight of up to 150 kg – for modern, large-scale window designs. Just like the new hinge side P for PVC windows, our hinge side T for timber windows also impresses with clear advantages in terms of efficiency, security, comfort and design.

TiltSafe window with burglary inhibition in tilt mode in accordance with RC 2

Do you want to leave a ground-floor window in the tilt position overnight or while you will only be away from home for a short time? No problem! A Roto NX TiltSafe window fitted with our innovative security components offers a high degree of protection against burglary during tilt ventilation, while ensuring a high air exchange rate at the same time. Incorporation in home automation? Not a problem either!

High backset espagnolette in the EasyMix system

Simply great. Extra simple: the floating mullion rod is disconnected from the gearbox and lock casing from a backset of 25 mm and above – to allow for separate ordering and custom configuration. Simply clipping the components into each other is all it takes to securely connect them.

Plus floating-mullion sash espagnolette – extra efficiency

Reliable production, quick installation. The movement of the one-piece push rod is synchronous with that of the lever. This means that only one jig is required for both sashes, which simplifies the work process, as does the easily accessible fixing screw.

Lifting mishandling device with increased flexibility

A new level of long-term functionality. The lifting mishandling device also impresses with its simple access to the robust spring via a slot – removal after an operating error, which is normally required otherwise, is no longer necessary.

Mechanical balcony door bullet catch – optimum properties

High retaining force and improved run-in characteristics with minimum installation effort. The stable spring structure is the key component of the Roto NX balcony door bullet catch. During installation, ideal positioning of the frame and sash component is possible without major effort.

V locking cam – economical and flexible

Adjustment has never been easier. The V locking cams now offer improved adjustment options. With an optimised rebate-clearance tolerance range and helpful marking for height and gasket compression adjustment. For precise adjustment and adaptation of sash and frame, without the need for any special tools.

Frau in ihrem Wohnzimmer mit Roto NX Fenstern

Roto NX:
The safe investment

The Roto NX Tilt&Turn hardware system is based on the classic Roto NT. What was good in the past has been retained: high application variety, the Roto SIL Nano surface protection, adaptation options for individual security requirements and the ten-year performance warranty. We further developed anything that required improvement in terms of efficiency, security, comfort and design. Roto NX: Always the right decision. Now and in the future.


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